Directory Lister Pro Crack v2.36 with Serial + Portable

Directory Lister Pro Crack v2.36 with Serial + Portable

With Directory Lister Pro Crack is one of the most popular folder listing programs. Sometimes you need to show the contents of a partition in various ways. For example for disclosing on your website, bragging in front of your friends about the music collection. Keeping track of the things or making a cover of a data CD. Regardless of the reasons, there is a program that helps in this matter, that’s Directory Lister Pro. As the title tells, it allows you to smoothly reveal the contents using different settings.

For automation purposes, we can combine the task scheduler and command-line support to develop listings. By dint of the context menu, because it is integrated there, launching the program is unessential. With just the mouse clicks, you can achieve what you intend, quickly. Give me a chance to introduce you the skill of limiting the files in the list, using attributes or date filters.

All the printed, created and saved listing is effortless to be emailed any time required. The reason behind this comfort is, I will tell you is Directory Lister Pro Crack. Being an effective product it grants you to execute all these tasks readily avoiding bereft of chaos. No matter where you wanna create the listings, whether it is from hard drive, a memory card, CD, as well as network. All are likely to do with one hit of a button. For multimedia files, you can enlist their properties like artist, genre, album, bitrate, FPS, for MP3, AVI, WAV, JPG, GIF, BMP,

Directory Lister Pro Crack

With Directory Lister Pro Portable the core functionality you get is to list the items and print them. But as secondary effectiveness, emailing, burning to an optical disk, and transferring to external storage is also workable. It is not limited to this, but sending it to floppy is also doable if you still have those ancient floppies. Additionally, the lists can have many styles like Text, HTML, XML or CSV, the later makes importation in EXCEL or databases quick.

Customizing the visual look of the output is also easy, with a vast number of tools. Therefore change the hypertext stylings, inserting hyperlinks. As well as manipulating the column and grading order and formatting the display. There is no need to launch Directory Lister Pro Serial to generate listings because of deeper integration, just right-click and access it.

Directory Lister Pro Crack

Generating lists of all the elements in the folders is needless. Filtering out unnecessary elements by name, time, or nature is very efficient for precise lists. There is no portability in it, so, you have to install it, to use it. There is zero support for subtitle files like SRT or SSA. And media codecs are also very confined. Being lightweight, it will never hamper the performance of your computer. Synchronization is also an impossible thing, either FTP or local. For average users, the capabilities of Directory Lister Pro Crack are enough. But remember not to expect much from this small program as it has narrow support.

Directory Lister Pro Crack

Scheduling all operations is a walk in the park, thanks to the command prompt which is inbuilt for user ease. Obtaining CRC32, MD5, SHA-1 for all the folders is also possible along with whirlpool hash number. With this, you can ensure if the file has been modified. Like webpages, you can entirely modify the HTMLs, hence changing the headers, rows, backgrounds, placing the surrounding frames, and making even or odd columns.

There are multiple things you cannot do with it due to the lacking functionality. For example, checking the metadata of videos and audios is way out of the scope of its range. Furthermore, any tags or any sort of technical data is inaccessible. Directory Lister Pro Crack has very limited abilities, and you must think it through before investing. Another printable set of columns is for MS Office files, DOC, XLS, PPT. letting you see document title, writer, keywords, etc. All this without opening the files individually.

Directory Lister Pro Crack

Additionally, implementing basic tasks, Directory Lister Pro Crack can also customize precisely what will be printed. On occasions, it probably is enough to print only the name of the files and folders. That resides within a specific directory, while in others excess info like file size and extensions may also be needed. Coming to multimedia files, JPEGs, AVIs and MP3s, etcetera, Directory Lister Pro can print out file properties. The following list printing option that we can access from Windows’ context menu. And can also in-store HTML, CSV or plain text format. Installing Directory Lister Pro isn’t tricky and needs little time to conclude this action. Moreover, you can run it on any OS edition, from XP to 10.

Updates in Directory Lister Pro v2.36 Crack:

  • The overall performance is better and can create lists faster.
  • Screening unwanted items from the listing are very easy.
  • Transfer the list data to spreadsheet programs with a single click.
  • For images, it can calculate bits per pixel.
  • Any PowerPoint file in the list is also automatically detected.
  • Insert the DVD and create the list of its contents within a few minutes.

System Requirements:

  • Intel or AMD processor.
  • Any Windows version (64bit/32bit).
  • 512MB RAM.
  • 160 MB Disk space.

Installation Procedure:

  • Click on the button below to download.
  • After downloading, disable internet and antivirus.
  • Extract the archive and run the setup.
  • After installation, use the files in the FIX folder to activate the full version.
  • Reboot your PC and start using Directory Lister Pro Crack.
  • Enjoy!

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